Servicing & Repairs

A well maintained bike is safer and more fun to ride. So if your bike isn't running quite as smoothly as it should book it in for one of our service options* below. Plus if you live locally we also offer collection and delivery (please phone for availability in your area)

We also do stand alone jobs on well maintained bikes, new bike builds and box builds and upgrades. Please call or pop in for a chat about what you would like done.

*We will not work on modified e-bikes or electric conversions. 

 Bronze Service £50


  • Frame and forks wiped down and checked for alignment
  • Visual check for wear and tear
  • Adjustment of brakes and gears
  • Full safety check and tightening of fitted accessories
  • Tyres inflated to correct pressure and visual check for wear and tear
  • Chain lubricated with quality bike lube
  • A report of any additional parts and repairs required

 Silver Service £80

Recommended every 9 to 12 months depending on use. Includes everything in Bronze Service plus:

  • Wheel hubs and rims checked for wear and damage
  • Bearings checked for free movement and adjusted if possible
  • Bottom Bracket checked for play and adjusted if possible
  • Headset checked for play and tightened if loose
  • External adjustment of wheel hubs
  • Drive train (chain, cassette and chainset) checked for wear, removed, cleaned and re-lubricated
  • Wheels checked for alignment and trued
  • Brakes checked for safe operation and adjusted if required 

 Gold Service £150

Recommended every 24 months depending on use or if bike has not been serviced or used for a long period of time.

Includes everything in Bronze & Silver Services plus:

  • Frame cleaned and checked for alignment and damage. Threads cleaned and checked
  • Wheel hubs inspected and serviced
  • Headset removed, cleaned, inspected, re-greased, refitted and checked for movement
  • Bottom Bracket removed, cleaned, re-greased, refitted and checked for movement
  • All other components removed, checked for wear, cleaned and re-lubricated


*Please note: Service options do not include the cost for replacement parts.

Other service/repair jobs:

Tube and/or Tyre Fitment- (price per wheel) £12 (+ tube cost)
Wheel Truing from £10 
Headset Fitting from £20 
Bottom Bracket Fitting from £20 
Hub Servicing from £20 
Brake Bleed £20 (+ £5 for fluid)
Replace Tube on Hub Gear (Brompton or ebike) £20 (+ tube cost)
Fork Fitting £20 
Mud Guard Fitting £30 
Rack Fitting £15
Tubeless Conversion (price per wheel) £20 (+ cost of tubeless kit)
Brompton Service Price On Arrival